Residential Solar Installation – Roof

Residential Solar Installation – Ground

From Our Homeowners . . .

No pressure selling. Smooth installation, and no problems since. We’re saving more than we thought we would. Earthwise Energy makes going solar easy!

Kelly – Oakland, CA

Earthwise Energy made the whole process simple and easy! They answered all our questions and gave us the best system for the least price. We’re already seeing great savings! I would recommend the team at Earthwise Energy to anyone looking to save $ and create clean energy.

Mark – San Rafael, CA

We recently had solar installed by Earthwise Energy at our home and couldn’t be happier! The team at Earthwise Energy made it simple, easy, and fun! We are saving real money and creating clean energy! Thanks Earthwise Energy and Jim DeMaria! If you’ve been considering solar for your home or business, but aren’t certain if it’s feasible or wise, I highly recommend calling Earthwise Energy to walk you through it. Thanks again, Earthwise Energy!

Deborah – San Rafael, CA

Jason and the team at Earthwise Energy was great to work with. Extremely responsive, professional and followed through all aspects to the end. With a $17 electric bill in July that covered my electric car and air conditioning I highly recommend going solar!

Tamara – Berkeley, CA

Earthwise installed a new home rooftop solar system for us in December 2017. All went super smoothly, quickly, and hassle free. Jason and install crew on top of their game. Contract clear, info about materials and process straightforward, recommended hardware state of the art for home installations, installation was on schedule, City permit sign off had zero hitches, PG&E hooked us in fast. Oh yeah, since we are MCE customer not PG&E, excess generation paid back to us at retail +1 penny/kWh. PG&E pays wholesale. All around great experience.

Stuart S. – San Rafael, CA

I decided to go with Jason & Earthwise Energy after talking to a few other companies . Jason explained everything to me & kept me informed & updated throughout the whole process . I am very, very satisfied with Jason and would recommend him & his company Earthwise Energy to anyone looking to add solar.

Chris C.  – Rodeo, CA

Dear Jason, I wanted you to know that I think you did a wonderful job installing solar panels on our floating home. Everything- costs, timing and installation were done to perfection. It allowed me to just sit and watch, and then turn on the system. Should you need any references for other jobs feel free to use me and you can also use this note of appreciation for any promotional material you may use……..thanks for a job well done.

Mr. K –  Sausalito, CA

Earthwise Energy is the solar company we decided to work with, and we are not disappointed. We did get bids from two other companies, and Earthwise had a similar bid, but the difference lay in their ability to respond clearly and quickly to our desire to do the job, to understand our request for a full capacity system in anticipation of getting an EV in the future, and in helping us understand the relative value of different panels. Jason Hamilton, the owner, is personable and a clear communicator. After we hired Earthwise, they continued to follow through with excellent professional capacity, from install to handling PG&E inspection, to then helping us clean the panels from paint overspray from our housepainters, to now helping us put in a battery back-up system for our essential appliances like our freezer, fridge and computers when PG&E has an outage. Go Solar Now! Earthwise will do it easily and well for you.

Andrea T. –  San Rafael, CA

Commercial Solar Installation – Roof

Commercial Solar Installation – Ground

From Our Business Owners . . .

I was very satisfied with the hands on service that I was provided with by Earthwise Energy. They absolutely bent over backwards to make sure everything went well on each and every facet of the installation. Earthwise kept everything on track and were there every step of the way.

D. Lewis – Healdsburg, CA

I was approached by Earthwise to install solar panels on the roof of a commercial property I own in Corte Madera. I had already scheduled adding a foam roof. Earthwise was able to coordinate with my roofing company and installed the mounts for the solar panels before the foam so no risk of future leaks. The installation and startup went smoothly and Earthwise even help me work with the roofers. The tax credits in effect at the time, served to reduce the overall cost making the whole operation a great investment. The combination of the foam roof insulation and solar energy production from the panels has reduced my electric bills to the minimum. I have recently switched out my old florescence lights with LEDs providing a further reduction in the energy costs for my building.

Dave – Corte Madera, CA

Earthwise Energy Solutions is the best local solar company. They specialize in both commercial and residential installations. The owner, Jason Hamilton, does a great job explaining the process with full transparency regarding product, pricing and savings. They are courteous, professional, personable and very competent. I highly recommend them!

Marin, CA

Partnering with Earthwise Energy to go solar proved an outstanding opportunity to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, while creating a long term financial gain for the business; it was really a no-brainer. The savings we will realize from this solar plant will allow us to invest more back in to our business. Generating all of the electricity we need, right here on our rooftop, will hedge us from the inevitable rate hikes we’ve seen over the years. Any company curious about solar should look at the numbers – they really speak for themselves… not to mention the clear environmental benefits.

JoeOakland, CA

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