Community is Everything

We're proud to be the Bay Area's local partner for solar and energy storage solutions. We're equally proud to be able to partner with some of Bay Area's leading non-profits to bring renewable energy solutions to their members

Our Local Non Profit Partners

The core of our mission here at Earthwise Energy is to support the global community in its efforts to lighten our impact on the environment; to reduce the pressures we are putting on our global, natural resources. We are all in this together, and together we can, and will, make the changes necessary to heal our planet.

In that vein we are believers that we can also work together to support, encourage, educate, nurture and heal our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, fellow man. There are countless organizations, spread throughout our vast community, that are doing just that – working to better the lives of we people. In an effort to add fuel to that community-centric fire, Earthwise Energy created the Earthwise Solar Fundraiser Program. In partnership, Earthwise Energy hosts Solar Fundraisers for non-profits whose mission it is to care for our community. Within these fundraisers, when a home or building owner chooses to Go Solar with Earthwise Energy, we will donate *$1000 to that non-profit in their name.*

Donations based on system size, as follows: >4kW = $500.  4kW – 10kW = $1000.  10kW-15kW = $1500.   15kW+ = ask
Participation in the Earthwise Energy Give Back Programs must be requested prior to your in-person solar consultation.

Take a look at our growing community of non-profit partners

If you are ready to realize the tremendous value of solar energy, to do your part to help heal our environment, and want to support one of these community non-profit’s – or one that is near and dear to your heart – please reach out to us. We are all in this together!