the bay area's truly custom solar and battery Backup Solution

Earthwise Energy takes a data-driven, holistic, and personalized approach to the design, construction, and interconnection of each of our client's solar and energy storage systems.

Become Grid Independent

Throughout the Bay Area, power outages are unfortunately now the new normal. Our customized solar and energy storage solutions guarantee that your home will remain safe and powered during any grid blackout.

On March 1st of 2021, PGE raised rates by 8%!  Why pay more for your electricity from an unreliable and failing infrastructure when you can save thousands of dollars and guarantee that you're never without power.

Power Through the Blackouts
Residential rooftop solar installation from above showing display of different solar arrays

Our clients are our neighbors

Earthwise Energy offers a local solution to a local need. Solar and Energy Storage are crucial issues for residents in Marin, Sonoma, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties. Based in Marin County, we have decades of experience designing, building, and interconnecting solar systems on Bay Area roofs. We treat every roof like it is our own.

We only install Tier 1 solar and energy storage equipment, backed by industry leading warranties and by Bloomberg Certified, financially bankable manufacturers. We do not cut corners

Tier 1 Certified

Custom Always

We provide a data-driven analysis of your exact electric use, then hand design and engineer a unique solar and energy storage system to your specific space and specific (current and future)needs.

There is no guess work– from plans and permits to interconnection and monitoring we’ve got it covered. You can relax knowing the entire process is handled from start to finish.

Hassle Free

Our core advantages

Graphic that says high quality and shows a globe with bright blue and green colors
Graphic that says custom tailored and shows a globe with bright blue and green colors
Graphic that says hassle free and shows a globe with bright blue and green colors

Ian Eliasoph

"Earthwise was the perfect installer for a home solar project complete with battery back up and EV hook ups. They were incredibly responsive and easy to work with, and we are thrilled with the result."

LG 16 kilowatt hour battery and SolarEdge inverter and EV charger installed inside customer's garage

Residential Case Study

In the spring of 2021, we built a 9.8kW solar system paired with 32kWh of energy storage for a family in Berkeley. Using a pair of LG Home Energy’s new, game changing RESU16 Prime Batteries, the combined solar production and battery capacity of this client’s system will:

  • Back up their entire home during a grid outage
  • Produce 15,000 kWh per year offsetting 94% of their utility bill
  • Pay for itself in 6.3 years
  • Be the equivalent of planting 5,732 trees
  • Be the equivalent of reducing 492,000 atuo miles, or 25,092 gallson of gasoline
LG home battery resting on a wall next to a potted plant

Meet the best solar battery on the market

The LG Chem RESU16H Prime. We are the first company to install one in the United States.

This winter, 2021, LG CHEM released the RESU16H Prime, an upgrade from their RESU10H. This battery has 16kWh of usable energy and storage capacity. Combined with solar panels, it can fully back up your home during a grid outage. LG Chem is our go to solution for our client's home and commercial energy storage needs.

Meet the panel that's breaking records

The LG NEON R Series is a powerful module that is ideal for solar systems seeking a visually pleasing design and for roofs where space is tight. There is no solar panel better paired with energy storage and vehicle charging. Comes with a 25 year product warranty and guaranteed to still achieve 90.8% of rated output after 25 years compared to 80.2% for competing panels.

Learn about this New Technology
Rooftop solar array close up showing the grid lines of each panel while the blue sky shows in the distance
A graphic the says "The One, for all, meet every home energy need," showcasing the SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter.

Meet the inverter that's revolutionizing the industry

SolarEdge is without a doubt a game changer for our business. There is no comparison when it comes to their Single Phase Energy Hub Inverter with prism technology. Small, lightweight, a modular design, witha record-breaking 99% weighted efficiency with 200% DC oversizing.

We are bringing solar to every roof in the Bay Area

We are honored that hundreds of residential clients have entrusted us to upgrade their homes to solar and energy storage, and equally humbled that some of California’s most iconic businesses are asking Earthwise Energy to be their partner in building renewable energy and energy storage solutions for their properties

Commercial Solar

The Impact of our Projects to Date

Black drawing of a tree


Trees Planted

Black and white drawing of a car


Vehicles off the road

Black and white drawing of a gas pump


Barrels not consumed

Black and white drawing of a dollar sign


Cumulative money our clients will save over 25 years

"We interviewed a number of companies before choosing Earthwise Energy, and we're very happy with our choice. The number one reason we went with them is their commitment to follow-through, monitoring the system in the years after installation, and being on top of all tweaks and repairs. In just the few months since installation, Earthwise Energy has contacted us about the level of production and how we can keep our panels working at a maximum capacity. Also, they spent a lot of time in the design of our array to make sure we get the best possible configuration."
Lucy B - Berkeley
Aerial view of a residential rooftop solar installation looking out across the East Bay to the water
"Great Job. I was very satisfied with the hands on service that I was provided with by Earthwise Energy.  They absolutely bent over backwards to make sure everything went well on each and every facet of the installation.  Earthwise kept everything on track and were there every step of the way."
Joseph B - Sausalito
Rooftop Solar layout overlooking a view upon downtown Sausalito and the Bay
"We're so thrilled about our new solar array and love watching our PG&E Smart Meter fly backwards! Jason and his team were incredibly professional and particularly responsive throughout throughout the entire journey. What I liked best about the team was that they listened to and addressed our needs, did not try to oversell us, and use nothing but the best equipment in their projects. Some other folks we talked to were either only interested in selling us a modified lease structure (we just wanted to purchase and own the system ourselves, thankyou), or they employed a "bait and switch" with the system design after initial consultation. Going solar doesn't have to be hard. Jason and the Earthwise team make it easy and seamless. And by the way, if you live in Marin, they are a local business!"
-Brian G - Mill valley
Aerial view of rooftop solar installation in Mill Valley

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