It All Comes Down to the Equipment

We only install Tier 1 solar and energy storage equipment, backed by industry leading warranties and by Bloomberg Certified, financially bankable manufacturers. We never cut corners, using products that would go on our own house like: LG and SolarEdge.

Meet the newest in home energy storage

LG Energy Solution's 3rd generation RESU16H Prime.

Earthwise Energy installed the first of these cutting edge batteries in the United States and 4 of the first Beta sites throughout the Bay Area.

In the winter of 2021, LG Energy Solution released the RESU16H Prime, an upgrade from their 2nd generation RESU10H. This battery has a whopping 16kWh of usable stored energy, 100% depth of discharge and the best warranty in the market. Combined with solar, the RESU16H can fully back up your home during a grid outage providing indefinite energy independence. With the release of their gen 3 technology, LG Energy Solution is our go to battery for our residential client's home energy storage needs.

LG home battery, SolarEdge inverter, and Electric vehicle installed in a garage

LG Energy Solution continues revolutionizing the possibilities for residential and small commercial energy storage solutions. Other battery technologies just don't stack up to LG's gen 3 offering, and that includes the Tesla Powerwall ™. LG batteries are DC coupled. Compared to Tesla's AC coupled solution which needs three conversion steps, DC->AC->DC->AC, the RESU16 has only one DC->AC conversion. To the customer, that means significantly more usable stored energy.

Meet the panel that's breaking records

The LG NEON R Series is a powerful module that is ideal for solar systems seeking a visually pleasing design and for roofs where space is tight. There is no solar panel better paired with energy storage and vehicle charging. Comes with a 25 year product warranty and guaranteed to still achieve 90.8% of rated output after 25 years compared to 80.2% for competing panels.

Learn about this New Technology
Close up photo of LG solar panels along a clay tile roof, with the blue sky in the background
A graphic the says "The One, for all, meet every home energy need," showcasing the SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter.

Meet the inverter that's revolutionizing the industry

SolarEdge is without a doubt a game changer for our business. There is no comparison when it comes to their Single Phase Energy Hub Inverter with prism technology. Small, lightweight, a modular design, witha record-breaking 99% weighted efficiency with 200% DC oversizing.