Never Lose Power Again

Power lines over a home with an orange and red sky filled with smoke from nearby forest fires

In September, 2020, the Bay Area woke up to an eerie red-orange sky. The marine layer, mixed with dense smoke from surrounding forest fires created a sci-fi creepy, Mars-like landscape.

Climate change paired with a crumbling PGE infrastructure means "fire season" is now an actual season for California and Bay Area residents.

With these predictable fire seasons come predictable power outages. When your home loses power, your food spoils, you can't charge your devices, power essential equipment, charge your electric vehicle, or stay informed of important news updates.

Earthwise Energy has proven solar and energy storage solutions to ensure the power never goes off at your home or business.

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Did you know that solar alone can't power your home during a grid outage? I bet not. Most people don't. Only adding an energy storage system (battery) can give you the security of true grid independence.

If you have an electric vehicle, how do you charge it during a power outage?

Having solar on your roof is a great way to save on electric bills and help the environment. But what happens when the grid goes down?

To maintain power during a grid outage you need an energy storage system behind that rooftop solar array. Our battery backup and energy storage solutions can power your whole home or just the "critical loads" of your home during a power outage. With the state-of-the-art equipment that we install these systems are the only way you can charge your electric vehicle directly from the sun!

Earthwise Energy isone of the few providers in the Bay Area with this all-in-one solution toprotect your home and keep you mobile during any grid shutdown.

We are also experts in energy arbitrage and load shifting, giving our client's an advantage by maximizing their battery's utility and saving them even more money

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Close up of two blue electric vehicles being charged with an orange cable