All traditional energy, whether nuclear, natural gas or coal, need multiple steps to get power to your home: generation, transmission and distribution, Each of these add infrastructure and labor, which adds cost, which gets passed directly on to you.

Earthwise Energy is your partner in modernizing your home’s power system. We streamline the process to take power directly from your roof and electrify your home. 

Simple as that! 

Removing extra steps of traditional power saves you money – lots of money. 

1.  The sun never stops shining . . . ever. The sun never sends you an invoice. The sun has nourished the earth, plants and inhabitants for millennia – why not have it power your home or business while it’s at it!

2.  Photovoltaic solar has been around for over 60 years and only gotten better. Your Earthwise Energy system is guaranteed to perform, saving you serious money for over 25 years. There are countless PV systems running today that have been doing so for 40 years or more.​​

3. Residential real estate appraisers have determined that solar increases a homes value by up to 20 times the first year savings in your electric bill . . . 20 times! That notable appreciation can theoretically pay for your solar on day 1.​

Solar is smart energy and a smart investment!

Solar. . . 

The Easy Way

Earthwise Energy has the answers to all of your questions.
We’ve taken the guesswork and the worry out of going solar.

Four Easy Steps

Get the Scoop

A telephone consultation with an Earthwise solar expert will lay out the details of going solar, answer all of your solar inspired questions, explain the Earthwise Advantage, and get our expert team started with your unique utility and property information.


At a time that is convenient for you, an Earthwise solar expert will come out to walk your property, explain the options of equipment and layout, financing, incentives, and discuss the costs and paybacks of your Earthwise Solar Solution. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.

We Take It From Here

From design and permits, to installation and rebates, Earthwise Energy takes the reigns to make going solar a smooth and painless process. You can sit back in that hammock and dream of what you’re going to do with all of those savings!

Enjoy Being a Part of the Solution

Share your solar story with your friends and co-workers. Check out your system production on the web-based app. Smile as you watch that meter running backwards, knowing that you are helping reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

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