Floating Solar in Marin County

Sep 05, 2018

Jason Hamilton  |  Earthwise Energy Solutions  |  September 5, 2018

A lovely, local, retired couple purchased a home out on the docks in Marin.  Being so close to nature, they felt as though they wanted to reduce their carbon footprint, while at the same time saving some monthly expenses.  They called Earthwise Energy Solutions, who consulted with them to learn about their lifestyle and energy habits, the recent energy efficiency improvements they’d made to the home, and their forward-looking plans for the home.   After running a customized analysis of the property, Earthwise proposed a floating solar electric system that would fit perfectly on their south facing roof and offset about 90% of their annual electric bill, paying itself off with the savings they would realize in just over 6 years.

The installation went smoothly, save for the seagulls attempting to take down our drone while capturing this photograph (not kidding), and the homeowners were more than happy with the outcome.

Dear Jason, I wanted you to know that I think you did a wonderful job installing solar panels on our floating home. Everything- costs, timing and installation were done to perfection. It allowed me to just sit and watch, and then turn on the system. Should you need any references for other jobs feel free to use me and you can also use this note of appreciation for any promotional material you may use……..thanks for a job well done.  Mr.K

Here we are, just over a year after “flipping the switch” on their LG + SolarEdge system, and not only is their system outperforming what we’d estimated, but they are set to get a check every year from Marin Clean Energy for the surplus electricity they are generating, which will expedite that Cashflow Payback, bringing them to essentially free electricity in just over 5 years!

Solar electricity has never been less expensive.   The 30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC) is in effect through the end of 2019.  It drops to 26% in 2020, and to 22% in 2021, and then it’s gone.   With residential ROI’s of 10% – 25% and Cashflow paybacks of 4-8 years, the investment is sound, and the energy clean.   Commercial projects, able to realize depreciation see ROI’s of 15%-35% and Cashflow paybacks in 2-6 years.

Save money, Save The Planet, Harness the Power of the Sun.  It’s a Win-Win.

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